We Yone Child Foundation Sierra Leone


Our partnership is funding 82 vulnerable girls living in slum communities around Freetown to enrol in primary school and get the life changing chance of an education. We’re also supporting their families to set up small sustainable businesses and join saving schemes, enabling them to transition out of poverty and invest in their children’s education in the long term. Alongside this, we will empower a further 20 extremely poor young women by enrolling them in high-quality skills training, supporting them to become self-employed seamstress.



MamaCare Ghana


This partnership will fund 50 rural community health workers to be trained and equipped in basic midwifery, family planning and tackling female genital mutilation (FGM). It will improve prenatal, delivery and postnatal care for 160 extremely poor, rural mothers and support more than 160 safe births. Community health workers will be trained to identify high risk pregnancies and ensure appropriate referrals to hospital. They will also provide proactive advice and family planning services, lead awareness raising campaigns to tackle the most common causes of child and maternal mortality and spearhead outreach to eradicate FGM.





We’re supporting the economic and social empowerment of 150 vulnerable women in Northern Ghana through training in basket weaving, entrepreneurship skills and women’s rights. Basket weaving provides the women with a route out of poverty and profits will also be used to support up to 1000 local girls to continue their education via contributions to school supplies and the provision of sanitary pads. Our funding will also facilitate the construction of a women’s skills centre to enable ASIGE’s pioneering work to continue year round, even in the rainy season.



Joy Initiatives Uganda


Our partnership is focussed on tackling violence against women and girls and promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights education. We will educate 3000 girls and 500 women to understand their rights, take control of their future and demand access to health services. We will also work with over 100 civic, cultural and religious leaders to tackle underlying social and cultural issues that promote violence against girls and women and stop them enjoying their rights. Finally, we will support 50 young women who’ve been the victims of violence to gain catering and bakery skills to start their own small business.



Cinci Wababili Zambia


This partnership brings together our commitment to women and the environment – we’re working with women’s co-operatives in Zambia to empower rural farmers through eco-friendly forest beekeeping. Through the provision of beehives and training we will support these farmers to diversify and dramatically increase their incomes. These women will also be trained to become forest champions, supporting a move away from deforestation and an increased recognition of the value of the forest. Increased bee populations will also lead to enhanced productivity of other agricultural crops, generating a sweet return for the whole community.



Registered Charity: 1177636